Crestanks is a member of the AquaSanTec group that operates in East African countries was incorporated in 1991 and started operations in 1994. It is the market leader in water and sanitation solutions in East Africa and beyond. Our innovative products have helped hundreds of thousands of people in twelve countries gain access to

clean water and hygienic sanitation in some of the most challenging environments in the world. From design to manufacture to installation, Aquasantec leads the way in affordable, sustainable, and practical water conservation and use. Recognizing the need for fully integrated environmental systems, our new biogas units and grain storage silos are moving more communities to energy and food security. We are unique in our ability to conceptualize, design, and manufacture water and sanitation solutions that meet small- and large-scale needs.

Our clients in the public and private sector include governments, international aid agencies, NGOs and CBOs, water departments and bureaus and smaller organizations like schools and churches.

Our end-users include farmers, students, refugees and IDPs and families. We are located at Plot 265, Block 236, Kazinga, Namanve Kampala.

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