Some of the common questions we get, are answered here

In this section, we answer some of  your question. If your answer is not in these FAQs, please contact us directly in the Contact Us section, and we’ll revert to you within an hour.

What size pit do i require

You do not need a pit prepare a flat area about 2m x 2m free of debris, stick stones or any sharp object, grass is ok.

What capacity?

3.2 cm digester with a 3cm gas holder and 1.8 cm Digester with a 1.5cM gas holder

Does the company install?


Does the price include installation ?


Does the Company deliver ?


+ How much time does it take to deliver and install ?

7 – 14 days working days

How long to install ?

2 Hr

Can you provide burners ?


Does the price include burner and gas pipe ?

Yes it does with a 15m flexible PVC gas pipe

When can I start using the gas?

Between 3 to 30 days depending on the nature of the salinity of water and weather

How long does it burn ?

LFM 5-6 hr/Day, SHM 2-3hr/Day on a single burner when gasholder is full

Can I use it for lighting also ?

Yes but Solar lighting is recommended.

Can the plastic be damaged/Puncture ?

Yes if done deliberately

Can the gas holder be blown of or explode ?


Can I cover it ?

Not required exposure to maximum sun heat is favourable

- Where should the unit be located ?

As close to the point of use (kitchen) as is practical

Is there any in use I can see ?


How long before I empty the slurry inside ?

No emptying required.

Can I use other dung other than cow ?

  • Yes but seek instructions first.

Can I use other feeds ?

Yes but seek instructions first

Can I cook githeri ?

Yes ( soak overnight and pressure cookers reduce cooking time)

What is the feeding frequency ?

Once a day

What is the lifespan ?

Expected lifespan is 30 years

What if we do not get gas generated ?

Either there is a point leaking or the dung is contaminated and must be removed and fresh dung used.

What if gas generated does not burn ?

  • The methane making process is not yet complete and needs more time or the dung used is contaminated and must be removed and fresh dung used.

What if rainwater goes into the digester ?

Rainwater should not go into the feeding inlet, this should be covered during rains. Rain water in other areas will simply overflow

What if inlet is blocked ?

inlet can be unblocked

What if contaminated material is used ?

Contaminated material can be flushed out without damaging the unit

Are accessories (pipes, valves etc) available locally and easily ?


Is there after sales service ?

Yes 1 year free after sales service.

Do you provide guarantees or warranty ?

  • Yes 1 year

Do you provide finance / loan assistance ?

Loans are available from our partner banks.

Can the gas be stored ?

Yes but not with our system – It requires very large volumes of gas

Can the gas be packaged and distributed ?

Yes but not with our system – It requires very large volumes of gas