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  • Can be packed flat in a box and assembled at site.
  • Mobile and Re-usable from pit to pit
  • 20 years expected lifespan
  • Modular (Stances)
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Clean and Hygienic
  • Roof with gutters for rain water harvesting
  • No more abandoned pits!


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“The peoples’ toilet” Mobile and ready to use toilet for pit

For Schools, Clinics, IDP, Refugee and Army Camps and other Institutions, Farms, Homes and Construction Sites. MOBILET is the most convenient and least expensive long term sanitation solution wherever pit toilets are suitable. It comprises of two major parts, a slab and a hut. Key benefits for all users are:- A simple “do-it-yourself” solution designed for quick and easy installation directly over a pit by one-self. However, a little masonary work may be required in most areas Re-usability – move both hut and slab from an old full pit to a new pit – hence the name MOBILET! Modular, several MOBILET stances can be installed together rapidly for schools and other institutions – See overleaf

Also available – MOBILET-UR urinal for males, MOBILET-WR washroom for females and MOBILET-HC for the handicapped pupils and the elderly Lightweight and well ventilated for the hottest conditions Rotationally moulded using polyethylene stabilised against the harmful effects of sunlight to give an expected lifespan of 20 years. Outside of hut – white or any other lighter colour. Inside of hut and slab – black or other colour such as grey Squatting Slab and the Slab with Pedestal – can be purchased separately


Our unique patented slab toilet is our most popular and affordable product. Available in single or multi-stands, Mobilet toilets fold flat for easy transport and can be installed using a few simple tools. It can also be used with a keyhole design slab over a pit, or as a urine diversion system. Once the pit is full, the toilet can be moved to a new site and the old pit filled, removing a serious safety risk. The Mobilet is best suited for institutional use, like schools, clinics or hospitals, or in refugee and IDP camps.


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