Gutters 5.8M Length”4
Gutter Connectors
Gutter Support Brackets
Gully / Gutter Outlet
End CAP / stop end (Left & Right)
Valley Box
Universal angle (Left / Right)
Down pipe 4”

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Unique Features

  • A Unique rectangular reinforced profile gives a superior mechanical strength to avoid bending on maximum load.
  • Unique shape with outer side extended which prevents over flow during maximum rain conditions and give more than 60% extra water flow compared to conventional ground gutters.
  • Very easy to install to any kind of roof with both le and right angles.
  • A neat and clean workmanship as the accessories are standard and well designed.
  • Designed to save installation time compared to other conventional types.
  • The gutter is made from non-plasticized high impact polyvinyl chloride (PVC U), which features increased plastic resistance to high temperatures, as well as a high resistance to mechanical deformations, stretching and bending
  • Specially formulated to increase resistance to UV radiation, acid rain and air pollution
  • Suitable for any weather conditions to make them suit for very high temp as well as moderate weather
  • Anti corrosion properties makes them maintenance free and longer lifespan
  • Available in two different sizes [4 inch and 6 inch] for individual and institution application
  • Available countrywide in East Africa, South Sudan, DRC, Zambia, and Burundi.
  • Available in white color and can be customized to clients color requirements.

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