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Our internationally-patented school desk gets high marks from teachers and students alike for Comfort, Safety, Durability& Practicality. The design was patented by LLC in Clearwater, Florida who saw an opportunity to replace cumbersome, unsafe, and uncomfortable traditional desks.

Award winning, innovative, patented Qdesk® The traditional school desk the world over is a poor quality,uncomfortable, old-fashioned combination of wooden or metal chair and desk. It hardly complies with the strict international ergonomic standards which regulate dimensions of the school
desk according to the student’s heights.
Our Licensors, Qproducts LLC of Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A., have developed Qdesk®, an award winning, patented one-piece polyethylene school desk – a first of its kind anywhere in the world. It complies with international standards for school desks.

Qdesk® has soft contoured lines. It provides students the ideal sitting and writing support and maximum comfort for more than 6 hours per day,180 days a year.

Qdesk® maximizes student’s comfort and safety and enables real learning to happen Qdesk® Durability and Maintenance Expected lifespan 10 years. It requires hardly any maintenance.

Qdesk® motto: A student sits, a tree stands.
Qdesk® substitutes wood by polyethylene, contributes to forest preservation. It is also fully recyclable at the end of its useful life.
Qdesk’s exciting ergonomic design comes in a range of bright colors and sizes for both kindergartens &secondary schools.


Crestanks manufactures Qdesk using the latest rotomolding process which exceeds final user expectations with regard to functionality comfort, ergonomics and resistance.

Qdesk design was part of a strategic program aimed at developing innovative products using top of the line technology and sustainable manufacturing practices to preserve the environment.

It was invented by Q Products LLC a multinational organization dedicated to design, manufacture and commercialize new unique eco-friendly rotomolding products and product licenses.


Qdesk was designed with special attention to the ergonomic aspects to offer students a desk that provides excellent comfort and posture support.

Eco Friendly

Qdesk helps to avoid cutting of trees for the school furniture.


Qdesk is made in one piece of 100% LLDPE to ensure the structural strength and integrity.

Light Weight

The Qdesk is easy to move around to fit any classroom arrangement preference.


Qdesk has a storage area for books and other scholarstic materials and very easy to clean.


It is manufactured in one piece, which eliminates joint welding and screws that tend to loosen with age.

Rust Free

Qdesk is 100% resistant to corrosion, which makes it ideal for educational facilities in all locations.

Best Value & Attractive Design

Qdesk’s modern design gives the school classrooms the fun look that children love while providing unmatched comfort and ergonomic advantage for children at a very reasonable cost.

Max Classroom Spaces

Qdesk is perfect for any type of educational facility

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